Maria Suttle

California DRE License 00993453

(951) 244-8888


Maria Suttle's email:   Suttle2020@Gmail.com


Maria Suttle 25+ Years Canyon Lake Real Estate Experience 

To use the listing search:

For Example...

Select a "Region"... California

Select  a "City"    ... Canyon Lake

Then... insert, if you'd like, a price range or other search limiting criteria.

Then hit the "search" button (part way down the left side of the page)



1)  Actually "click" on the city selection that comes up

after you start typing the city name

2)  If, instead of city name, you use the zip code

for Canyon Lake searches, you'll probably end up

including a confusing array of homes outside of

Canyon Lake, because the same zip code is also

used by some other surrounding areas.